Vision & Mission


Together we build green and wellness enterprises.



We strive to lead more people toward green and healthy living.


Our Core Values

  01 People

We believe in our workforce. "SCC People" have a strong work ethic, are passionate with dedication to every success, and are a bond of love and care. We are committed to expand the potential of "SCC People" through the support of continuous education & training.

  02 Innovation

We continuously develop and try out new ideas and concepts in anticipation of our customers present and future needs.

  03 Integrity

We hold strongly that our business reputation is built on the honesty in all our dealings with our business partners.

  04 Teamwork

Our company success is highly dependent on our dynamic team with mutual understanding, respect and full participation to attain a consensus for all tasks undertaken.

  05 Total Customer Satisfaction

We strive to delight our customers by providing valued quality products & services to sustain a long term business partnership.

  06 Work Environment

We are dedicated to upkeep a safe, clean & healthy environment in order to create a harmonious workplace which is conducive to total job efficiency.