Our Profile

During the early days of its establishment, SCC Corporation mainly supplied antibiotic veterinary chemicals, supplements, premixes as well as growth promoters for livestock feeds, which were imported from China, to poultry and swine farms and feed millers in Malaysia under its Animal Health Products Division ("AHPD"). However, due to the limited choices of products from its Chinese suppliers coupled with inconsistent supplies, SCC Corporation began distributing products from other countries such as USA and South Korea since 1974.

When our founders became more aware of the benefits of non-antibiotic feed additives, we started distributing non-antibiotic feed additives from USA in 1974, in addition to antibiotic feed additives. With greater awareness that non-antibiotic 'clean feed' additives not only promotes healthier livestock, through elimination of mould, mycotoxin and bacteria from feed mixtures, but also results in safer meat, as some livestock farmers may not observe the necessary 'withdrawal period' for the elimination of antibiotic residuals in livestock which can be passed on to the end consumers when they consume such meat, our founders decided to promote and adopt their vision of 'Clean Feed Healthy Livestock Safe Food'. In line with such vision, we started exclusively distributing non-antibiotic feed additives in 1990, whereby our AHPD business model is focused on the areas of clean feed solutions and other non-antibiotic animal feed additives.

Our AHPD products can be sold separately as well as through 'programmes' such as our 'clean feed' programmes'. Our 'Clean Feed Programme' is a type of dietary programme developed specifically for livestock where the ingredients include but are not limited to antimicrobial and anti-mould additives, in addition to the normal dietary requirements such as corn or soy. The inclusion of these ingredients not only provides for a natural and healthier growth of the livestock, but also allows farmers to enjoy a better return on their investments in the form of reduced mortality rate, improved feed conversion rate, reduced medication cost, improved egg and/or meat quality, increased growth rate and cleaner environment.

In 1978, SCC Corporation set up another division, Food Service Equipment Division ("FSED"), when it ventured into the distribution of food service equipment, which is a distinct business as compared to AHPD. Our founders had earlier set up a fast food business so as to give the company's poultry farm customers ideas as to how they too can venture into the fast food industry to alleviate certain downstream distribution problems they were experiencing by reducing the role of middlemen. FSED benefited from our founders' foray into the fast food industry as demand for food service equipment increased when some of our poultry farm customers and the public ventured into the fast food business. As such, whilst our FSED business is not generally regarded as synergistic to our AHPD business, our founders' involvement in the fast food business had provided our Group with much needed insight into the different types of food service equipment and the industry.

Currently, our FSED supplies and distributes a wide range of food service equipment and supplies, e.g., rapid cooking ovens, pressure fryers and popcorn ingredients, that caters to the needs of various types of food operators and establishments. Due to our strong commitment, service and quality products, we have been supplying to some well-known hypermarkets, quick service restaurants, caf├ęs and cinema chains.

In 1984, SCC Corporation began to market and distribute powder based vapour action anti-mould products for animal feeds and feed ingredients which are complementary to its core veterinary chemicals and feed supplements business. When more advanced liquid based antimicrobial additives, which employed specialised dispensing equipment, were introduced, SCC Corporation reorganised its antimicrobial business by incorporating a separate company, Anitox (M) Sdn Bhd ("Anitox Malaysia"), in 1991. Anitox Malaysia was incorporated to enable us to take a more focused approach to market and distribute the new liquid based antimicrobial additives.

Over the years, we have been the recipient of numerous awards for our outstanding and distinguished service to our clients and employees, with the most recent being the 'Golden Bull Award 2009' to SCC Corporation, our 2nd consecutive award, in recognition of our strive for excellence in 2009. The Golden Bull Award is organised by a leading local Chinese newspaper, Nanyang Siang Pau, which recognises the outstanding achievements of 100 Malaysian SMEs.

Our Founders

Goh Keng Chin, Cher Hwee Seng and Cher Sew Seng (from left to right)

SCC Holdings Group of Companies can trace its humble beginnings to over 38 years ago when our founders, Mr Chee Long Sing @ Cher Hwee Seng, Mr Cher Sew Seng and Mr Goh Ah Heng @ Goh Keng Chin founded a partnership, Cheong Cheng Trading Co., in 1972. In 1974, a private limited company, Syarikat Chang Cheng (M) Sdn Bhd, was formed to take over the business. It subsequently changed its name to SCC Corporation Sdn Bhd ("SCC Corporation") in 2000.