AHPD Clean Feed Programme

The combination of our AHPD products presents a 'green solutions' for our AHPD customers as depicted below:

Green Solutions

What is Clean Feed?

Our vision for AHPD is to promote 'Clean Feed Healthy Livestock Safe Food'. Hence, our AHPD business model is focused on the areas of 'clean feed' solutions and other non-antibiotic animal feed additives. Our AHPD products can be sold separately as well as through programmes such as our 'clean feed' programmes. Our 'clean feed' programme is a type of diet programme for livestock where the ingredients include but not limited to antimicrobial and anti-mould additives, in addition to the normal dietary requirements such as corn or soy. Therefore, one of our competitive edges is our 'clean feed' programmes that not only provide for a natural and healthier growth of the livestock, but also allows farmers to enjoy a better return on their investments!